My name is Tom and I’m an artist. Some people call me EricVonSon. I take things apart to see what makes them tick. And I usually get my hands dirty doing it. I don’t mind.

  Behind the Rear Window                            Photo: ©Jim Gallop

Behind the Rear Window                            Photo: ©Jim Gallop

I love “The Found Object” art, but not in the same sense as the Dadaists. Definitely not the way Duchamp first used it – I’m not out to shock an audience. I’m out to make people smile, laugh, and have a little fun. I’m not a guy for grand statements or layers of meaning. I just like to build things using found objects, mostly from cars.

Cars have always been a big part of my life. As a kid, I built models. As a teenager, I graduated to the real thing. Loved it. Been working on them ever since. I went to trade school to become a mechanic. I also followed my passion for art, doing stints at Moorhead State and Northern Illinois University. One day, I decided that I was going to use my art training to pay the bills and have been a professional graphic artist for the better part of 30 years. As for the future, I plan to keep on creating, building, and designing art that makes me smile.

Oh. And in case you were wondering: When it comes to design, what really gets my engine revved are American cars from the
‘50s, French cars from the ‘30s, Art Deco anything, American “nostalgia,” neon, and last, but certainly not least, paint of the candy and flake metal varieties. I’ll also admit there are some guys out there who inspire me. Here’s a few of them: Jon Kosmoski, 

Dave Thompson, Stanley Mouse, Robert Williams, Rick Griffen, and Joseph Cornell. Yeah. They’re pretty good.